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Women Unite Under Obama & Vulgarity

The Boston Unite Against the War on Women Rally was held this past Saturday at City Hall Plaza. The event was planned by  and endorsed/attended by Occupy Boston. The event drew about 200 people to hear both speakers on women’s rights and live music.

Toward the beginning of the rally, I was fairly convinced that it would end up being a non-story, and that I was wasting my time. After all, I support women’s rights, and it would be absurd to list off talking points against the struggles that women face. Somewhere in the middle of the day, I realized that the real story of the rally went beyond women’s rights.

Throughout the day, there were people among the crowd handing out informational leaflets, which is completely normal for these types of rallies. I also noticed that there were people within the crowd with clipboards wearing Obama buttons. They were signing up voters for Obama.

To the left of the stage were three tables set up, each containing information for various organizations. I should say that two of the tables were informational; one was an Obama voter sign-up table.

Sign up & grab a donut, but it will be the last one Michelle lets you eat.

I wasn’t completely shocked by this. After all, though women’s rights is not a new struggle or cause, the “war on women” is a  manufactured term by election-year democrats that can’t run on their own accomplishments. I was a little surprised that Occupy Boston had aligned themselves with a Dem rally, after their repeated insistence that they are a non-partisan movement.

The speakers themselves were no less partisan, often blaming the GOP of misogyny and taking away women’s fundamental rights. Of course, none of the speakers mentioned that Obama’s largest campaign donor, Bill Maher, is a misogynist pig. If they want a real “war on women” the left really don’t need to look further than themselves for repeated vulgarities toward women.

Speaking of vulgarities, the speakers at Saturday’s event seemed to be very familiar with most of them. Obviously, the profanity was not directed toward women, but many of them seemed unable to speak without dropping an “f-bomb” or “a-hole” occasionally.

I could make a witty comment about clowns being on the outside, but I’ll hold back…

I wasn’t particularly offended by this, but I did feel a bit embarrassed due to the fact that the rally was taking place right next to the Government Center T stop, and right next to the Big Apple Circus, which was running on the same day. Many families with small children had to go through the rally to get to the circus entrance. I could only imagine the horror some parents must have had coming off of the T and immediately having their children subjected to some new words. Stay classy, Boston.

It’s too bad, really, because I don’t think women’s struggles takes sides, or has ever had the need to resort to filth.

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